Decorate With Oriental Touch On A Budget!

Want to make your living space look fabulous? Go ask an interior designer and have him transform your dream into a reality. The only thing that you will need is a large sum of cash.

But does this mean that fabulous homes are only for those people who have a lot of money to spare? The answer is definitely no!

The best and maybe the least expensive way to decorate with class is to go Oriental-style!

Here are some tips to transform your home into an Oriental haven.

1. Make use of basic furniture.

To achieve the Oriental look, home owners do not need to buy specialized or expensive furniture sets; they can actually make use of what they already have if it does not contradict Asian decor. A bare set of furniture made of wood and a black metal frame would qualify. The good thing about basic sets is that they are inexpensive.

The oriental look will be achieved by gathering Asian decorative pieces to mix and match.

2. Accessorize!

Many things may be considered in this step. The best part is that all of these accessories can be found at your nearest Asian market or the nearest Asian or Chinese communities.

– China wares

These will function both as eating utensils as well as for decoration. Tea pots and plates that have Oriental touches can be used as table accents. They are less expensive than purchasing oriental vases.

– Fabrics and posters

Instead of expensive paintings, home owners can utilize the use of Asian fabrics and Chinese posters by creating their own wall hanging. The materials needed are adhesives, bamboo sticks, red rope, posters and fabrics. Basically, bamboo sticks are attached on two opposite sides of the fabric to form a scroll. The rest is up to you and your imagination.

– Add fresh accents!

Oriental style of decorations employs a lot of fresh items. Oriental fruits like rambutans are placed in oriental trays to function as table centerpieces. Dried bamboo shoots and hard-stemmed plants are often placed in vases in place of Western type flowers.

– Zen fountains

Aside from the Oriental touch, it will also give a feeling of tranquility to any home. You do not need to buy a Zen fountain set – you can make it yourself. A water pump, a few rocks and Asian decorative pieces are all that is needed.

With the above tips, you can achieve the Oriental elegance without spending much!

Vase Basics: Matching Flowers And Containers

Using the right container for favorite flowers is like finding the perfect picture frame for a cherished photograph; it enhances the entire look.

“The flowers are the main attraction but it is the container that sets the stage,” says Jill Slater, flower designer for flowerpossibil . “The shape and size of a vase dictates the final look, feel and design of an arrangement.”

Depending on their characteristics-sturdy or weak stems, single or multiple blossoms-flowers “show” better in vases that play to their unique features. Slater offers these expert tips on how to select the petal-perfect vase:

� Tall Cylinder-Good for “line flowers” such as gladioli, snapdragons, larkspurs, liatrice and delphiniums. A simple vertical vase emphasizes the flowers’ long, straight stems and multiple blossoms.

� Trumpet or Tulip-Shaped Vases, also known as a “Tumbler”-Good for roses, lilies, irises, gerberas, sunflowers and other flowers with unique blooms. Collects stems at the bottom of the container and then allows the beautiful blooms to fan out at the wider top.

� Ginger Jar and Urn-Good for minigerberas, roses, asters, lisianthus, freesia, Queen Anne’s lace or minicarnations. This vase is especially good for flowers with thinner, less rigid stems. The reason: The top of the vase collects the stems into a smaller bundle and the flowers can then be supported while reaching out over the edge of the vase.

� Bubble Bowl or Low- and Wide-Mouthed Vases-Good for flowers with big blooms such as lilies, irises, sunflowers and gerbera daisies. The easiest ways to enjoy big blooms are to float them or contain a smaller vessel inside the large one.

� Remember, these are guidelines, not rules; feel free to use any container that can hold water, even teapots and pitchers. Anything that meets your needs, taste, personality and decor will work just fine!

Montana Real Estate – Bathroom Tile Designs

For those of you that cannot picture the harlequin bathroom tile in your Montana real estate, imagine black and white squares turned on their edge to resemble a diamond shape. You will usually find these tiles are oblong instead of the more traditional square and these days there are many other colors to choose from.

I personally like a harlequin bathroom design in black and white as the diamond shape of the pattern really yields well to the stark contrast of the extreme colors. While the style will go with many bath types and polished fixings, it is when they are used in combination with a traditional bath tub that the best effect is seen.

Not everyone is happy with lots of shiny things because they have to be wiped constantly owing to the fingerprints that show so readily on them. Despite the wonderful appearance, it is something to consider especially when you have younger children that absolutely adore making patterns and marks with their hands.

My favorite is the black and white design as the effect it has is hard to match and always improves the look of a bathroom. Marble has always been a more expensive bathroom tile design option but has a timeless quality which the more modern tiles will never match.

Anyone who has shopped for bathroom tiles knows that some materials and patterns can be very expensive. You can work around this expense by using reasonably priced material as the foundation for your design. What makes this idea work is that you can insert more expensive, good quality tiles into your bathroom design that will complement and enhance it without breaking the bank.

Tiling is one of those projects that are best left to professionals if you really want that special touch for your Montana real estate. Although it is obviously much cheaper to tile yourself your bathroom remodeling project will take longer. You may waste more tiles than you anticipate but will the result look as good?

Bjorn Stiedl Design For Sale In Provence

High quality and amazing design are key factors in La Pierre Ronde, which is the first property financed by Swiss investors and designed by the Danish property developer Bjorn Stiedl.

This amazing property has after a thorough but tactful renovation now been put up for sale, ready for the quality-conscious proprietor.

In the middle of the town centre of the picturesque Provencal village of Eygalieres in the centre of the Alpilles mountains, Bjorn Stiedl has converted a 330 m2 traditional townhouse to a unique living experience for the large family with the possibility of housing a number of guests who are accustomed to and are expecting to be welcomed in an inviting and sumptuous environment.

You will find La Pierre Ronde directly across from the village church and on the border of the medieval part of the city. A gentle incline leads from the village centre and up to the property, giving it a scenic view from the entrance and down towards the village. A courtyard framing the entire property ensures peace and quiet from the bustling village outside.

The house has 5 bedrooms, most of them with en-suite bathrooms, large living and dining areas, sumptuous furnishings, a fully equipped bespoke kitchen and a number of terraces that naturally link the garden outside with the cosy atmosphere indoors. Glass doors bring the light into the house, and make the beautifully appointed garden an extension of the interior of the house. The local Provencal style has been naturally combined with modern European standards and design, and all materials are of the best quality wood, stone and glass.

The garden has been beautifully landscaped, and there is a tastefully designed sundeck in the private garden area behind the house.

The Provencal village of Eygalieres in Les Alpilles is the place to buy property in France after Cote d?Azur has been run over by the ?new money? from Russia and China. The city has an authentic charm, and there is an extraordinary blend of the sun, light and the scent of lavender and herbs that is entirely unique.

The area has been attracting distinguished proprietors such as the royal family of Monaco, celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and others who seek the reclusive charm far away from prying eyes and the hustle and bustle that Cote d?Azur regrettably has become in the past five years.