Landscape Lighting ? A Useful Decorating Product For Your Home

Landscape lighting and ceiling lighting is growing in appeal amongst homeowners. Along walkways and entry points to your home, landscape lighting can provide a measure of security as the light will deter most would-be burglars. Lighting is also necessary to increase the safety of your yard and garden for your family and any guests when you entertain. Of course, the wide selection of outdoor lighting options available can also add a lovely decorative effect to your yard which not only improves night time usability but also adds tremendous curb appeal.

The variety of landscape lighting products is quite staggering. There are lamps that can be hung from hooks or porch ceilings to illuminate your outdoor entertaining spaces such as decks or patios. Outdoor lights can be found in post styles which are wonderful for lining pathways or brightening entries. Lighting fixtures for landscape lighting come in every type of material and finish so you can easily blend your outdoor lighting into your yard and garden designs.

There are many small landscape lighting products that are used for spotlighting or highlighting the features in your yard. They can be used to bring attention to areas that you want as the focal points in your yard as well as draw attention away from areas that you don’t want people to notice. By highlighting statuary, fountains and other ornamental elements, you not only increase the visual appeal of your yard but you are also increasing safety by lighting possible hazards to someone walking through your garden areas.

Landscape lights can be used to create many effects, depending on what you are going for. You can choose lights that add drama to your patio area or a whimsical touch throughout your garden paths. Larger light fixtures add a measure of safety and security and can even come in motion sensing styles which save money on utility bills. Outdoor lighting is necessary if you want to be able to safely use your yard at night. With the options available, you can add beauty to your landscaping as well.

Realtors, Builders And Homesellers – How Do You Spell “sold”? . . . L.i.s.t.e.n.!

Demographics matter! Statistics have shown us that in North America alone there are approximately 85 million, (yes, MILLION), Baby Boomers! By sheer number alone, they have become a force to be reckoned with. They are telling you what they are looking for in a home, but are you listening?

As a licensed interior designer in Orlando, Florida, I often work with clients who are wanting to build a new home, remodel the home they’re presently living in, or look for an existing home to buy. One of the very first things we do is sit down together to determine their design goals, and identify any special needs they may have which would need to be addressed in the initial planning stages of the project. Their job is to communicate their needs . . . my job is to listen. And what I’m hearing from my fellow Baby Boomer clientele, (those born between 1946 to 1966) is consistent. Very simply, they do not want to be put in a situation where they are forced to move out of their home because it is not an age-free environment.

Functionality and flexibility of the home is one of the primary concerns of this generation. Boomers are forward thinking when it comes to making design decisions based not only on what their immediate needs are, but in determining what their future needs might be as well. Here are some of the things they are looking for in a home . . .
wider hallways and doorways which could be wheel chair accessible if necessary
open living space and furniture lay-out which would allow them to move about more freely
easy “accessibility”, particularly at entrances and bathrooms
barrier-free bathrooms and kitchens equipped with the comfort height fixtures
excellent lighting throughout
easily rampable steps if necessary
levered handles instead of knobs for doors which will suit all users
roll out shelves for all base cabinetry in both kitchens and baths
one-floor plans, or in-home elevators which are fast becoming “must haves” for ease and accessibility in multi leveled homes – a feature to improve the quality of living at any age
flex areas such as home offices, media centers and workout areas, designed to support the varied demands and daily activities of this generation . . . who are technology minded, health conscious, retired, semi retired “Un-retireds”!

The definition of “HOME” for many of us is no longer merely the place where we house our belongings. It has become the headquarters for our lives! It is a refuge where we want to bring touches of the outside in, and vice versa. Many of us want to blend technology, the internet and wireless communications with the comfort and tranquility of a simpler, slower paced, more graceful moment in time . . . and call this HOME. It’s about having choices. With a collective voice the Baby Boomer generation is finding new ways for us to design spaces to fit not only their lifestyle, but meet the challenges of the changing stages of their life as well. We need to listen!

Decorate With Oriental Touch On A Budget!

Want to make your living space look fabulous? Go ask an interior designer and have him transform your dream into a reality. The only thing that you will need is a large sum of cash.

But does this mean that fabulous homes are only for those people who have a lot of money to spare? The answer is definitely no!

The best and maybe the least expensive way to decorate with class is to go Oriental-style!

Here are some tips to transform your home into an Oriental haven.

1. Make use of basic furniture.

To achieve the Oriental look, home owners do not need to buy specialized or expensive furniture sets; they can actually make use of what they already have if it does not contradict Asian decor. A bare set of furniture made of wood and a black metal frame would qualify. The good thing about basic sets is that they are inexpensive.

The oriental look will be achieved by gathering Asian decorative pieces to mix and match.

2. Accessorize!

Many things may be considered in this step. The best part is that all of these accessories can be found at your nearest Asian market or the nearest Asian or Chinese communities.

– China wares

These will function both as eating utensils as well as for decoration. Tea pots and plates that have Oriental touches can be used as table accents. They are less expensive than purchasing oriental vases.

– Fabrics and posters

Instead of expensive paintings, home owners can utilize the use of Asian fabrics and Chinese posters by creating their own wall hanging. The materials needed are adhesives, bamboo sticks, red rope, posters and fabrics. Basically, bamboo sticks are attached on two opposite sides of the fabric to form a scroll. The rest is up to you and your imagination.

– Add fresh accents!

Oriental style of decorations employs a lot of fresh items. Oriental fruits like rambutans are placed in oriental trays to function as table centerpieces. Dried bamboo shoots and hard-stemmed plants are often placed in vases in place of Western type flowers.

– Zen fountains

Aside from the Oriental touch, it will also give a feeling of tranquility to any home. You do not need to buy a Zen fountain set – you can make it yourself. A water pump, a few rocks and Asian decorative pieces are all that is needed.

With the above tips, you can achieve the Oriental elegance without spending much!

Interior Decorating Idea – Do Colors Have To Match Perfectly In Every Room?

Did you grow up with the interior decorating idea that colors had to match? Whether that idea was in reference to colors in home decor, shoes/purses, makeup, or any number of other areas of our lives, everything had to match! That thought is not as prevalent today but still merits attention especially as your home decorating idea begins to develop.

You might say that color is an imperfect science. If you don?t believe me, try looking through a paint sample display for that ?perfect? color. Remember, the lighting in the store is much different than the lighting in your home which also changes with the weather conditions and the time of the day and year.

Let’s look at the pros for matching colors in your interior decorating idea:

* You have a favorite color
* Your favorite color makes a statement and you want lots of it
* You don?t want to make so many decisions?you know what color you like and stick to it
* You love the challenge of perfectly matching colors
* Matching colors is second nature to you and you don?t want to change

Now, let’s look at the cons for matching colors in your interior decorating idea:

* It?s difficult to match color because of texture
* It?s difficult to match color because of light
* You want to incorporate several colors in your decorating plans
* You like the challenge of mixing and matching colors
* There is more flexibility and freedom to change your home decor over time

Consider a ?middle of the road? approach to your interior decorating idea:

The ?middle of the road? approach includes coordinating and grouping colors as well as paying attention to lighter and darker shades and tones. Putting three varying shades of purple together will look magnificent. Putting five reds with the same tone together will certainly give energy and pizzazz to a room?get the idea? What a great way to implement your interior decorating idea!

As you walk from room to room, color makes a home flow comfortably; it is the connecting component. In your mind you unknowingly take the color scheme from room to room for a few brief seconds. Use a single color as a theme that runs throughout the house while still providing each room with its own color persona. Keep that in mind as you are embarking on your next home decorating project.

As a side note, I read in a recent newspaper article that matching shoes and purses are making a comeback, but not as perfectly matched as in the past?food for thought!

Interior Design For Your Home Kitchen

When thinking about interior design options for your home kitchen, it is important to keep a number of factors in mind.

First off, when shopping in your local kitchen center, if your budget allows, be sure to consider new technologies in appliances, finishes and materials. Often times your choices here might cost you more in the short term, but in the long run you will find that as the industry catches up with the technologies, your choices will continue to be relevant well into the future. Make sure that all appliances that you choose are only of the highest quality. This is the most important part of your kitchen… it’s what the kitchen revolves around, so don’t cheap out here.

Don’t be afraid to spend extra money on your kitchen floors. High quality kitchen flooring will not only look good for longer, but they will also add to the resale value of your home. When installing your kitchen floors, make sure to keep them level and even consider adding heated floors for extra comfort and value.

When choosing cabinets for your home kitchen design… think simple. Ornate or complicated designs will usually not stand the test of time. Styles which might be trending now are likely to date your kitchen down the road.

When planning colors for your home kitchen, consider the colors of adjoining rooms. Keep your design consistent and avoid contrasting colors between adjoining rooms. For example, if your walls in the room next to your kitchen are blue, yellow walls in the kitchen will clash. Look for complimentary colors.

And last but not least, always consider your counter space. Try to maximize the area on which you will be preparing your food. You’ll not only be thankful at Christmas time, but your family will be as well.

Vase Basics: Matching Flowers And Containers

Using the right container for favorite flowers is like finding the perfect picture frame for a cherished photograph; it enhances the entire look.

“The flowers are the main attraction but it is the container that sets the stage,” says Jill Slater, flower designer for flowerpossibil . “The shape and size of a vase dictates the final look, feel and design of an arrangement.”

Depending on their characteristics-sturdy or weak stems, single or multiple blossoms-flowers “show” better in vases that play to their unique features. Slater offers these expert tips on how to select the petal-perfect vase:

� Tall Cylinder-Good for “line flowers” such as gladioli, snapdragons, larkspurs, liatrice and delphiniums. A simple vertical vase emphasizes the flowers’ long, straight stems and multiple blossoms.

� Trumpet or Tulip-Shaped Vases, also known as a “Tumbler”-Good for roses, lilies, irises, gerberas, sunflowers and other flowers with unique blooms. Collects stems at the bottom of the container and then allows the beautiful blooms to fan out at the wider top.

� Ginger Jar and Urn-Good for minigerberas, roses, asters, lisianthus, freesia, Queen Anne’s lace or minicarnations. This vase is especially good for flowers with thinner, less rigid stems. The reason: The top of the vase collects the stems into a smaller bundle and the flowers can then be supported while reaching out over the edge of the vase.

� Bubble Bowl or Low- and Wide-Mouthed Vases-Good for flowers with big blooms such as lilies, irises, sunflowers and gerbera daisies. The easiest ways to enjoy big blooms are to float them or contain a smaller vessel inside the large one.

� Remember, these are guidelines, not rules; feel free to use any container that can hold water, even teapots and pitchers. Anything that meets your needs, taste, personality and decor will work just fine!

Why Mediterranean D?cor Also Influences The Outdoors

You can take inspiration from Mediterranean d?cor when it comes to decorating your garden. That way you will end up with unique results that do not take too long to achieve.

The Mediterranean style is something that you can take inspiration from and apply to your garden. The Mediterranean is so diverse in the fact that there are quite a few regions in it, with all of them having their own unique d?cor.

The gardening style from the Mediterranean is swathed in history and culture, as well as the climate and tradition. All you have to do is look at each region to notice the difference in cultural influence and styles and then take the ideas and apply them into your own garden.

Using Mediterranean Influences

The diversity of the culture in the Mediterranean regions has helped to influence many cultures in the south of Europe, as well as helping to develop many different trends across the globe.

Trying to standardize the Mediterranean garden style would be like trying to ignore thousands of year�s worth of cultural world history and ignoring the rich styles and influences which have helped to shape the development.

Gardening as we know it today, actually originated from Arabia, which then continued throughout Greek and Latin styles before being given an identity in Renaissance Italy. There is so much history behind the gardening origins and the Mediterranean, so it is always a good idea to understand all of this before applying any Mediterranean d?cor to your own garden. You may see a Mediterranean style and want to apply it straight away, but how can you possibly get the balance right without truly understanding the history and how it should be done properly?

The best thing to do is to look at the different regions of the Mediterranean and first choose a style that you prefer. If you wanted something different, you may decide to take a few different styles to apply to your garden. However, if you do this, research the cultures for each region, as well as the history behind it in order to get a feel for how the design should end up. This will help you to provide your garden with the best results, whilst looking aesthetically pleasing at the same time. By getting the balance right, you get to create the warmth of the Mediterranean in your own garden.

You do not have to be great at gardening or d?cor in order to recreate the look of the Mediterranean in your own garden. You can easily find tips on the internet and in magazines and that can help to simplify things. Not all of the Mediterranean d?cor designs are complicated, so it is a matter of how you plan your furniture and accessories to transform your garden, rather than over doing it with the design.

A Fireplace In Your Apartment

We sometimes think that we cannot realize everything we want in such a limited space, referring to an apartment, might it be a block apartment or a villa apartment. But either way we can adapt the already existent dimensions or we will think in such a manner that we will create the space we need to bring in a new piece of furniture that we really want or maybe make some mounted bookshelves on one wall of the room.

You can even place a fireplace, an object that usually takes up a lot of space and requires unwanted modifications.

A fireplace can be placed in a corner of a room and it could be, for design?s sake, linked with some mounted bookshelves that can total a real bookcase.
Depending on the dimensions of our room, we will make a design sketch for the wanted fireplace and for the bookshelves made out of wood or wood-like materials that will be chosen accordingly to the objects that are already situated in the room or accordingly to the material the fireplace will be build from (I mean the material the fireplace has on the surface, not the one it is actually made of).
If we have a tall room then we can build a tall fireplace. In the case it will grow a lot up or on the contrary, grow horizontally quite a bit, we will have to keep in mind ventilation. In an apartment we might have to use the common ventilation system unless we are on the top floor. To deal with this aspect you will have to bring a specialist and let him do the calculations and plans needed.

We can think of the fireplace creatively. Why not designing it as a multitude of stairs that will serve as support for different object we can find around the room? Or we can create spaces to store fire wood that will have just a decorative purpose in a block apartment where the fire can be made using gas. But they will bring the rustic image closer to you and will provide the room with infinite connotations.

Montana Real Estate – Bathroom Tile Designs

For those of you that cannot picture the harlequin bathroom tile in your Montana real estate, imagine black and white squares turned on their edge to resemble a diamond shape. You will usually find these tiles are oblong instead of the more traditional square and these days there are many other colors to choose from.

I personally like a harlequin bathroom design in black and white as the diamond shape of the pattern really yields well to the stark contrast of the extreme colors. While the style will go with many bath types and polished fixings, it is when they are used in combination with a traditional bath tub that the best effect is seen.

Not everyone is happy with lots of shiny things because they have to be wiped constantly owing to the fingerprints that show so readily on them. Despite the wonderful appearance, it is something to consider especially when you have younger children that absolutely adore making patterns and marks with their hands.

My favorite is the black and white design as the effect it has is hard to match and always improves the look of a bathroom. Marble has always been a more expensive bathroom tile design option but has a timeless quality which the more modern tiles will never match.

Anyone who has shopped for bathroom tiles knows that some materials and patterns can be very expensive. You can work around this expense by using reasonably priced material as the foundation for your design. What makes this idea work is that you can insert more expensive, good quality tiles into your bathroom design that will complement and enhance it without breaking the bank.

Tiling is one of those projects that are best left to professionals if you really want that special touch for your Montana real estate. Although it is obviously much cheaper to tile yourself your bathroom remodeling project will take longer. You may waste more tiles than you anticipate but will the result look as good?

The Significance Of Knowing More About Your Internal Body Clock

Clock is also had by our body. Have you recognized it? Why do we get exhausted around the same time each night and starving around the same times every day? This is since our internal body clock, identified as the circadian rhythm.
The internal body clock is like a maintenance program of computer to our bodies, letting us to recurrently eat and sleep. If the body alarm clock doesn�t work, you need to be cautious and ask for general practitioner �s help for this.
The Value of Regular Sleep
Latest studies have displayed that if you don�t obtain regular sleep (no less than seven hours a night for women and six for men), you can be in trouble. Lack of sleep will not just make you feel weary. However, it can also get sicknesses or bad decisions that could lead to disease and injury. Insomniacs often experience disorientation, an incapability to focus and have an incredibly complicated time doing well their every day tasks.
It does so since their body clock is off. The reason why this body clock is off differs from one person to another. For an individual, the reason is because he can not handle stress. However, for another one it could be because of clinical depression. However, if not being able to sleep often is not normal. If your body clock stops working, then you identify that your body is trying to tell you that you are sick.
Your diet and your television viewing habits have an effect on so much on your body clock. You should watch out on your caffeine consumption and not watching television right before you go to sleep.
Progressively, people are finding that they have no option but must work through the night and sleep throughout the day. a little of people’s internal clock organizes to this way of life better than others. These are people who are usually fit, keep to a regular sleep schedule, darken their sleeping rooms to create night and do not depend on chemicals to get them sleepy.
Third Shift Workers
Scientists are finding that third shift workers can lead sad lives if their body clocks aren�t attended to. This denotes that if a company has a during-the-night shift, they need to have the lights on just as vividly as for the day shift. This condition aids to trick the body clock into thinking that it’s daytime.
Various manufacturers are learning to discard the night shift when they be familiar that it can cost them in high income and raising electricity bills. The internal body clock is often more dominant than the paycheck.
Are you still at sea of knowing more about clock? Just look around and click the links, your best answer herein!